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A website dedicated to telling you how old you are, and when your next birthday is... In mercury years.


What it does:

When you enter a date into the website, it will calculate how much time has passed since that date, then present it in Hermian (Mercury) years. The website will then calculate when your next birthday will be, presented as a Terran (Earth) calender date. This is all done locally (on your computer) and no data is sent anywhere.


There are a few thoughts that resulted in this website. First of all, Dr Who. Before the Doctor would so anything particularly cool, he would give a speech hyping everyone up. In this speech he would menton his age; either seven hundred or a thousand years old. While this is meant to sound impressive, I started to wonder if it was. The Doctor is from another world and a year is the time it takes to complete one orbit. What if Gallifrey just has a very short year? Anyway, disscussing Dr. Who cannon is not the point, it's the idea of specifying units that is important.

Secondly, I read an article on lifehacker on single purpose websites, and with strong memories of omfgdogs, I was inspired.

It also turns out I very much enjoy celebrating pointless events, more so then real events. To me, leap days are more of a big deal then Christmas or birthdays, those are events that everyone celebrates, and that you're expected to celebrate. With leap days and Hermian birthdays it's just you, and whoever you can convince that it's a thing celebrating in your own way, with everyone else clueless. You also get four of them every Terran year.


This is not a new concept, it has been done before, but I still wanted to make my own. It's fairly simple to do as data and images are freely available from NASA. You may also realise that on mercury, a day is longer then a year; Every day is your birthday on Mercury!
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