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here i would like to share all the links needed to show off my first paper titled "physical properties of zener tunnelling nano-devices in graphene".

my paper is published in the october issue of annalen der physik. this issue is a special issue titled "two-dimensional materials: electronic structure and many-body effects", which is edited by F. Guinea, M. I. Katsnelson and T. O. Wehling.

the full special issue includes 14 papers on two-dimensional materials as well as editorials and reviews. my paper physical properties of zener tunnelling nano-devices in graphene can be found on page 437.

to view these online at annalen der physik you will need a subscription [which many universities will have]. if you do not have access to this journal i have also prepared an extended version viewable on arXiv, which includes the supplementary information on the landauer formalism i use in the paper.
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