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continuing the theme of figuring out how to use part i have, here is how to use a flex sensor and a membrane potentiometer

both of these sensors came with the arduino starter kit and have sat in the box until now. i still havn't found a use for them so all i'll be doing is saying what they do.

the setup can be seen from the diagram [drawn with fritzing] and this picture of the real thing:

flex touch.jpg

the flex sensor is set up as a potential divider along with the 10k ohm resistor and the touch strip acts in the same way as a 3 pin potentiometer.

when used with the arduino code:

int c=0;
int flex;
int touch;

void setup() {
void loop(){


and the arduino serial monitor the sensors just output values. the flex sensor ranged from about 270[unflexed] to 100[flexed] and only a small change when flexed the other way.

the touch strip went from 0 to 1000 as you move up the strip but seemed to react randomly when released.

i'm still not sure what i'd use these for... wind detector /volume remote?
what happened to my arms!?