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if you've been on the internet [which you have] you've been a victim of this; all those new tabs you opened were javascript links and didn't work. the main problem; how horrifically simple it is to fix...

annoyingly i can't just write it because my blog will display the html, but i will explain.

when you write a link with an onclick='javascriptfunction();' in it, instead of writing


in your link tag, put the normal url for standard html, then in your onclick='' just add return false; on the end e.g.

onclick='javascriptfunction();return false;'

now when a user left clicks the link the javascript will run, but when the user middle clicks the browser will follow the normal url.

chrome does this slightly differently and will run the javascript in both cases, but that's just awesome. anyway, 2 words and a semicolon is all it takes, so you [web developers] have no excuse.
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