i'm not really a bumblebee
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by using the facebook graph api it is incredibly easy to grab a users friend list with their information and quickly sort it for use in an application. in this example i used the graph api to get a list of the users friends, then check if it's their birthday today.
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this is a working example of using php and facebooks graph api to post on a friends wall from withing an app. the post will show up on news feeds as coming from you via the app.
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how to build a laser tripwire with an arduino. and yes, i did this because i played portal 2 and was inspired to play with lasers.
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the arduino motor shield allows for control of up to 2 motors delivering up to 2 watts of power as well as a polarity change. here is how to set one up for use with w a s d.
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in my previous post i documented setting up an arduino and making it do *something* with a python script. here is the code required to control an led, or any of the arduino's digital pins with keyboard input
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an arduino allows you to simply control electronics from usb, using both it's own programmable code and regular computer languages, in this case python 3. here is a quick guide to getting started with an arduino and how to make it play nice with python.
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mozilla outed their latest browser today, firefox 4.0, and things have changed, and i mean other then the usual harder, better, faster, stronger.
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today is a day of green, ireland and getting drunk, and guinness, and drunker, and shamrocks, and drunkereraarra why you kick my dog?! oh and leprechauns.
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i didn't think anything could out-awesome my lacie iamakey, but then this happened. the lego minifigure but with 2 gb of storage.
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today, right now, is pi day. which only really works with the american date system but that's not going to stop me from awesome-ing all over the food/math super combo.
what happened to my arms!?