i'm not really a bumblebee
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one of the less advertised features of the nexus 7 is the fact it supports usb otg, which allows you to plug in certain usb peripherals.
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continuing the theme of figuring out how to use part i have, here is how to use a flex sensor and a membrane potentiometer
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as a sunday afternoon time waster i thought i'd figure out how to use some of the random parts i have. so began the whimsical tale of tri-colour led and the button
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after building the usb laser tank i realised any future robot would need to be far more powerful, if for nothing else just to carry batteries. then i remembered i had this old rc car
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http control is a requirement for one of the classic electronics projects; the internet controlled lamp. i only used an led for fear of mains voltage, but with some relays and a bit of cleverness anything is possible. control your house from your phone? yes.
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a nice shiny new version of norafok.com is up and running. the new site has been built to be easily updated and expandable, so it should be regularly updated with current news and her latest work
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if you've been on the internet [which you have] you've been a victim of this; all those new tabs you opened were javascript links and didn't work. the main problem; how horrifically simple it is to fix...
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today i woke up and decided to build a mouse controlled usb laser turret. then i did. in this post is a true story about a guy who built a laser turret. with cardboard...
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android supports a lot of customisation that can make your phone *your* phone, and once you remove the horrors of the manufacturers ui you might actually like using your phone
what happened to my arms!?