i'm not really a bumblebee
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This book includes a chapter called "From Graphene and Topological Insulators to Weyl Semimetals" by R. D. Y Hills et al. which is printed in colour!
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I've graduated, the thesis is online and the hard bound copies have arrived. It's time to talk about my thesis.
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A website dedicated to telling you how old you are, and when your next birthday is... In mercury years.
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here i would like to share all the links needed to show off my first paper titled "physical properties of zener tunnelling nano-devices in graphene".
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3d printing is not exactly a new process, however, what many people don't realise is how accessible commercial grade printing has become. for my first attempt at 3d printing i decided to make myself some custom jewelry, in both plastic and silver.
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yes, it's crude, yes, those are crocodile clips holding it together, but it's finally done, the classic project, the internet lamp. with pwm. here is a very short write-up for the project, which should be used more as a reference then a tutorial.
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recently i decided i'd try to re-write my research into python. however, whenever i look into new languages the examples on the net are always very complex; with the lines of code needed for what i want hidden in whatever problem the writer is trying to solve. so, here is the minimum required to plot a matrix in python.
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here we get started with a raspberry pi running raspbian, install the camera module then start streaming with vlc
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the raspberry pi is a cheap pc that can run [many versions of] linux, here is a guide on getting started with arch and running your own mumble and apache server.
what happened to my arms!?